Photographer Expert Club Policy

This is why it is important to be extremely clear and professional in presenting your policies to your client before the session. It is also vital that you have your client sign a copy stating that they understand and agree to these policies – both for your protection and for theirs.


  1. You should go one package if you do not interest you may go hourly;
  2. Fifty percent advanced with confirmation event date;
  3. Additional photographer per hour BDT 2000/- and videographer per hour BDT 2500/- ;
  4. We count each event time 5 hours;
  5. We may use your photo or video for our branding promotion;
  6. Photo and video delivery time may be changed due to our workload;
  7. If you wanna change camera model (e.g. canon mark vi) additional charge will add;
  8. After 11:30 pm, the client should be arranged vehicle service to our service team;
  9. If heir Premium or star photographer will add 25% extra payment with his rate;
  10. Do not deal with videographer or photographer for extra facilities, if you lose we can’t do anything.

Vendor or photographer or videographer

  1. Direct written contact with us;
  2. Can not show his self business;
  3. Must be wearing our t-shirt, cap, and others;
  4. After complete task or event, must be secure the documents (e.g. photo and video);
  5. Meet client deadline;
  6. Photo and Video editing should be working in our office if clients want to work with you;
  7. Photography Expert Club full liability to pay event payment;
  8. If found any harassment, sexual, bad attitude or anything else with the client; Photography Expert Club will take any action to vendor or photographer or videographer;
  9. All vendor should be submitted a business profile and individual photographer or videographer should submit his CV with birth & NID certificate.