Photography Expert Club (PEC)

First online photography and videography solution platform

Photography Expert Club (PEC) is a growing platform with a bunch of skilled photographers who are ready to capture your moments and make artistic outputs through photography and videography services. Started its journey in July 2019 and working with an eye to transforming the view of photography with its online-based service from talented professional photographers first time ever in Bangladesh.


Mission and Vision

PEC's mission is to foster and globally promote a vibrant community of successful professional photographers and to create a wide platform of photography and film-making for all kinds of customers.


How it works

You have to register first as a customer or a photographer. Registered Photographers get the opportunity to become a member. PEC members go to registered customers events or shooting places to serve with photography and videography.


Customer’s Benefit

Customers will get a huge opportunity to meet and hire professional photographers, get photography and videography with a minimum cost from PEC. They will also have the opportunity to get artistic editing and post-production services on this one-stop platform.

Photographer’s Benefit

PEC will provide the opportunity to the Photographers to find their suitable work and make income with their photography skills. Photographers will work in exchange of money under a written contract with PEC. They will also be benefitted with photography training, training on interpersonal communication, rewards and so on.